North West Indian Handcrafts - Bedspreads

Embroidered, Appliqued, Patchworked

An array of techniques, predominantly hand worked, in cottons, velvets, silks and rayon.
Some embroidery is done on an old treadle sewing machine and can barely be called mechanised!

Block Print

The technique of printing each colour onto the cloth with a series of hand carved wooden blocks of different patterns.
These also make great throws and table cloths.

Cut Work

A technique whereby light weight cotton is cut, using a type of chisel and mallet to create a pattern; in the style of making paper dolls. The resulting cloth, full of holes which are the pattern, is hand stitched, using a rolled seam, onto either cotton organza or bleached callico. These also make beautiful curtains, the pattern being accentuated by being backlit.

  • 1 $195 2.8x2.2mt
  • 2 $195 2.7x2.3mt
  • cut work 2.8x2.3mt $195
  • cutwork bedspread 2.1x1.3mt $95